11 April 2018 - it floats



In 2016 we designed the Macroboom, with the goal of making it float. We packed it full of so much tech, and built it with such thick/durable construction that we couldn't accomplish that goal. 

In 2017 we designed the first iterations of the Gigaboom. Over the last 2 years, it has changed more than we could have imagined, but all for the better.

In 2018 we're happy to confirm that we've been able to engineer BOTH the Gigaboom and Macro.II to float. Early tests of our final production units (pictured above) confirm. We cannot confirm yet the results of a float in turbulent water. Obviously the buoyancy will remain the same as the displacement will remain the same, though the speaker may in rough water dip below the surface. In still water, we've confirmed that when pushed down, the speakers will resurface. 

Though we only had 11 customers order a float jacket, we're ecstatic to be offering full refunds to those customers, without taking away any of the benefits. You've been messaged directly via your indiegogo account, and can feel free to text/email our customer service line. No customer will have to worry about what happens if they drop either of these treasures overboard - they'll quickly resurface. We don't want any of you sweating while you're out on the water.


With Gratitude,

The RoamProof Team - Matt, Sean, Heidi, Hank, Justin & Rob.