The latest charging technology available, cross-bred with classic RoamProof grit. The smarter, faster, stronger, more powerful update to our most-purchased product, the SOS20K. If you own an SOS20K, then you know you're already on board, so here's the first email sign-up box. If you need more convincing, keep scrolling.


20,000 mAh Capacity      Largest battery compliant with all global TSA/foreign flight regulations

5 Charging Outputs      2x 5V/2.4A USB-A . 2x 5V/3.1A USB-C . 1x AC 3-Prong "wall" Outlet

2x Faster Charging Input      USB-C 3+ amp input . full charge time 5 hours

Dropproof/Crushproof     100ft to concrete drop . 6 tons crushproof

Water/Dustproof IP68      Protection from harmful dust . waterproof beyond 1m depth for 30+ minutes

3-in-1 LED Light      Torch, strobe, sos, 200 lumens

Solar Output      500mAh/h . battery life extension & emergency recharge . 50 hours direct sunlight for full charge

Lithium Battery      1000+ charge cycles . ultra-stable cylindrical LG cells

Measurements       TBA

Weight       TBA

Operating Temps       0-45 degrees celsius

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty