That's right! They're palleted, wrapped, and mobile.

600 Gigabooms are on their way across the water to the USA. They'll arrive in time to ship in June. We've expedited a few units by air to verify the results and let us just say we're extremely happy with the result. Sound quality? Remarkable. The same experience you can expect from the highest end "totable" speakers, we provide. Depending on your ear, some of you may not notice a difference. Some of you may notice our distinctly clearer sound. Often refereed to as "muddy," many speakers lower in price have a narrower spread of less distinct frequencies.

However, the real and truest distinction in our vs. theirs we've found to be build quality. Tumbling the speakers at full speed across the concrete, dropping them off of parking garages, pounding them THROUGH walls, and dropping industrial kitchen fridges on top of them are just a few of the rigors we put them through - and the Gigaboom has taken them all the successive stride.

Yes - it has survived these tests IN SUCCESSION, one after the other. Not, whoops I dropped it, then a few weeks later whoops I dropped it. We mean repeated and unrelenting abuse. 

Yes, we realize you'll never do these things to your product - and that's exactly the point. We test it for the big "oopsies," so you don't have to sweat about the small ones. Get ready to love your new baby. 

With Gratitude,

The RoamProof Team - Matt, Sean, Heidi, Hank, Justin & Rob.