23 March 2018 - FINAl shipping window announced


The wait is coming to a close!

As we focus on quality of construction and sound, we've made sure not to rush - rushing through these crucial parts of production can lead to flaws that cannot be easily undone. We're happy to say we've made no such mistakes.

Here's when you can expect your GIgaboom/Macro.II to arrive:



This is the final shipping date change. International shipments can be delay for reasons outside of our control, including slow postal service in your country, and customs issues. PLEASE be aware of your customs requirements ahead of time.

RoamProof is a US based company, and ships 90% of our product to US customers. We allow international buyers the chance to enjoy RoamProof product because we know their value - but we do NOT pay for duties/customs entering a new country. That responsibility falls on the products owner. When making an international purchase you need to be aware of the accompanying fees.


With Gratitude,

The RoamProof Team - Matt, Sean, Heidi, Hank, Justin & Rob.