MASTER ON/OFF - Opening the water-tight twist port, you will find a master switch. This switch is present to ensure external buttons are not accidentally pressed during transit over long distances, or to prevent unwanted solar charging. Master switch must be on before device can be powered on using external power button.

ON/OFF - Long Press the indicated power button until the power on sounds. If the device's battery is charged, blue-dot indicator lights will signify battery charge level. Long hold (till power down sound) to turn the Macroboom® Off. 

VOLUME/SKIP TRACK - Long press the +/- buttons to turn the volume up/down, respectively. Short press these same button to skip track forward/back respectively. You can also simply control volume/skip track from your paired bluetooth device. 

BLUETOOTH PAIRING - When the device is on, double-click the power button to initiate pairing mode. Open the bluetooth setting in your mobile device, find "Macroboom," and select. Power off to disconnect bluetooth pairing. 

TRUE WIRELESS (TWS) SURROUND SOUND PAIRING - To play music via two Macroboom®s at one time, simply pair with one speaker as indicated above, then turn on a second Macroboom® speaker. Press the TWS button (directly below the power button) on both speakers, then wait a few seconds. The speakers will automatically connect for true surround sound play. 

CHARGING - Charging status is indicated by the blue-dot power indicators. The dots will blink in succession when charging is active. NOTE - if MacroBoom battery is fully drained, the Master Switch must be switched to "OFF." After 30 minutes of charging with switch in OFF position, master switch can be turned to "ON," and speaker play can resume DURING speaker recharge.  

CHARGING EXTERNAL DEVICES - Unscrew water-tight cap to reveal micro-usb port output. Charge in usb-device using this output. Macroboom® must be on and charged to provide power to external devices. 


  • IP67 Certified (1M of water for up to 30 minutes, plus Dust)
  • Continues to play music while submersed 
  • Shockproof, Drop-Proof 
  • Stainless Steel & TPU Double-Shot Injection Molded Body


  • 2x 2.25" Full Range Front-Facing Drivers 
  • 2x Passive Bass Radiators 
  • 2x Ti Amplifiers for 15W Power Speaker Output 
  • TrueWireless Daisy-Chain Speaker Pairing (play from 2 speakers at once) 
  • 82±3dB Sensitivity
  • 4Ω±15% Impedance
  • @8W/1KHZ average Max Input Power
  • 175HZ~20KHz/+/-3dB (SPL -10 dB) 


  • 140-180mAh High Sensitivity Solar Charging - 35 Hour Full Solar Charge
  • Bluetooth CSR 4.2, Range: 100 ft 
  • 5600mAh Battery
  • Up to 15 Hours of Playtime
  • 5V/2.1A Micro-usb Input for 3 hours full wall charge 
  • 5V/2.1A USB Output for charging external devices 
  • High Sensitivity Mic w/ .cvc Echo Processing (crystal clear calls) 
  • Aux Input for Plug and Play 
  • Hidden Power Switch for MASTER on/off (to prevent unwanted powering-on while traveling) 


  • Measurements: L - 17cm, W - 8.1cm, H - 7.5cm (6.7 x 3.2 x 3in) 
  • Weight: 0.72Kg (1.6 lb)


30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Limited 2s Year Manufacturers Warranty. Products must be returned to RoamProof®, LLC before any warranty may be claimed. Products will be replaced in-kind only. For additional warranty information, see our indicated "Terms & Conditions."


EXTEND YOUR BATTERY LIFE - RoamProof® product's battery life will slowly decrease when the solar panel is used to FULLY recharge the device's battery, as is the case with any trickle charging used for full battery recharge. Extend the life of any internal battery by charging through a wall adapter using provided charging cables. RoamProof® is not responsible for any product failure that may result from misuse or abuse of any product sold on or through approved and authorized resellers. Using any RoamProof® product in any way other than those advised by RoamProof®, LLC, may cause harm to the product or its user.

IP67 RATING - This device is rated to withstand some exposure to water & dust, according to the indicated rating. Any exposure to dirt, dust, water, or other potentially harmful substances while the device is on, charging an external device, not properly sealed, or previously damaged disqualifies this device from the indicated weatherproof rating. In such a circumstance, RoamProof®, LLC has no responsibility for any damage caused to the product, user, or any device used in association with the Macroboom®. If your Macroboom® is exposed to water, dust, or any other potentially damaging elements, properly towel dry or clean with a slightly damp rag, then towel dry before turning the device on again, or attempting to charge any external device. 

AVOID USE IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES - This device has a listed operating temperature of 0-45 degrees celsius. By purchasing this product, you agree to use within the listed range of operating temperatures. Failure to do so may damage the battery or other components of the device.