R  O  A  M  P  R  O  O  F      I  N  S  I  D  E  R      P  R  O  G  R  A  M

25% for Life

RoamProof products are built to the highest standard of quality. For this reason, you'll never again find them discounted to the general public.

Because you're here with us during this transition, we're offering you 25% off all RoamProof products for Life.

RoamProof Trial

As a RoamProof Insider, you'll have the chance to access the private RoamProof Trial program.

RoamProof Trial is a low-cost program that allows you to test a new/old/additional RoamProof product before you buy.

RoamProof Insiders will also have the chance to test products before the general public has the chance to purchase them.

Lifetime Warranties

RoamProof products all come backed with a 2 yr, 5 yr, or Lifetime RoamProof Warranty.

As a RoamProof Insider, it doesn't matter if you buy something that's only covered for 2 - for you, it's covered for Life. 

RoamProof.com Login

Once your account is confirmed, you'll have an Insider login that allows you to view the site with your Insider Discount applied, as well as additional content not available to the general public. 

You'll also have access to direct RoamProof Insider phone line for customer service (9-5, M-F). The general public has c.s. access via email only.

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