S O S 2 0 K    -    U S E  &  C A R E

H O W   T O   O P E R A T E   Y O U R   S O S 2 0 K

ON/OFF - Short Press the indicated power button to turn the device on. If the device's battery is charged, blue-dot indicator lights will signify battery charge level. Long hold and release to turn the SOS20K Off. 

LED SOLID/STROBE/SOS - When the device is on, double-click the power button to turn the LED lights on. When the lights are on, single click to change modes (Solid, Strobe, or SOS Signaling) or double-press again to turn LED lights off. 

WALL-CHARGING - Charging your SOS20K via micro-usb will help to preserve the cycle life of the battery. In-progress charging via micro-usb is indicated by blue-dot indicator lights pulsing/blinking. When the SOS20K's battery is fully charged, all blue-dot indicators will be fully lit, or the unit will turn completely off (in both cases, no lights will be blinking). Full wall charging can take up to 10 hours. Remember, this is a BIG battery. Use any mobile phone wall charging adaptor or plug directly into your computer's USB drive to safely charge (up to 2.1A charging speed - most around your home are probably only 1A). 

SOLAR CHARGING - Solar charging status is indicated by green light bar above battery indicator lights. The bar will glow green when solar charging is active. 

CHARGING EXTERNAL DEVICES - Pull tab on top or bottom of device to lift waterproof port covers. Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously via indicated outputs, using provided charging cables. Device must be on and charged to provide power to external devices. 


Can the 20K charge my device while it's charging? YES, but only at the rate of input (aka normal rate when charging via AC, slower rate when charging via solar only)

Can the 20K charge more than just my phone? YES - tablets, go pro, you name it.

How long does it take to charge the 20K via the solar panel? 58 Hours to a FULL charge (variable based on directness of sunlight), and only 4-6 hours for enough power to re-charge your mobile. This means if you rely strictly on solar, you could charge the battery during the day, and have plenty of battery to charge your mobile at night.

About how long would it take to charge my mobile phone? Around 0.5-2 hours, depending on the capacity of your mobile device.

If I leave my battery fully charged, but don't use it, how fast will it lose charge? In roughly 2-3 months, if left totally unused, the battery will lose 20% of its stored power.

Can the SOS20K produce output while it's being charged? aka charge other devices while simultaneously being charged? YES, but only at the rate of input (aka 340mAh from solar and 1A from wall charging).

Can I take the SOS20K on an Airplane? According to TSA regulations, all passengers CAN carry external batteries with a maximum capacity of 100W hours (20K mAh) with them in their carry on. The TSA asks that these devices are NOT placed in checked luggage, so as to be easily accessed in the rare case that a battery malfunctions. 


30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Limited 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Products must be returned to RoamProof, LLC before any warranty may be claimed. Products will be replaced in-kind only. Accessories shipped with RoamProof devices are not warrantied. For additional warranty information, see our indicated "Terms & Conditions."

A D D I T I O N A L   N O T E S

RoamProof product's battery life will slowly decrease when the solar panel is used to recharge the device's battery, as is the case with any trickle charging used for full battery recharge. Extend the life of any internal battery by charging through a wall adapter using provided charging cables. RoamProof is not responsible for any product failure that may result from misuse or abuse of any product sold on roamproof.com or through approved and authorized resellers. Using any RoamProof product in any way other than those advised by RoamProof, LLC, may cause harm to the product or its user. This device is rated to withstand some exposure to water & dust, according to the indicated rating. Any exposure to dirt, dust, water, or other potentially harmful substances while the device is on, charging an external device, not properly sealed, or previously damaged disqualifies this device from the indicated weatherproof rating. In such a circumstance, RoamProof, LLC has no responsibility for any damage caused to the product, user, or any device used in association with the SOS20K. If your SOS20K is exposed to water, dust, or any other potentially damaging elements, properly towel dry or clean with a slightly damp rag, then towel dry and air dry with all seals open (up to 24 hours) before turning the device on again, or attempting to charge any external device. This device has a listed operating temperature of 0-45 degrees celsius. By purchasing this product, you agree to use within the listed range of operating temperatures. Failure to do so may damage the battery or other components of the device.